Kamis, 16 Januari 2014

Adding As Friend, Confirming Friend Request, & Deciding Unfriend

It's about making a rope of silaturahim. Once again I say, a rope of silaturahim. So, talking about what you've done before on this very large socmed is about who you are. Including how you make friends in it. You add someone to be your friend, so you are the initiator in making silaturahim and that's good.

As good as you confirm your friend request. But, firstly you have to check who is she/he who added to you to be her/his friend. You may check it 'cause you are the holder of decision to confirm or reject her/him. You are the decision maker in making friends, in binding silaturahim.

Not until later after becoming friends, you found out that your friend doesn't correspond to what you expect or do not fit the previous criteria you specify and you finally decide straps instead of silaturahim that has been forged by doing 'unfriend'. I personally really really avoid this. Since the break up of silaturahim is not a good thing, that keep us from His heaven.

So, let's establish silaturahim with the good order, so that our silaturahim can be established forever anyway.

| I'm deeply very sorry for all my mistakes. Thank's a lot for all my friends.

-Kido :)


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