Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Art Arounds Us: The Real Art-maker

Let's take a look at the other side of creating art and its utility. We don't think that art is so dirty, abstract, nonsense, and all the negative side of it. Thinking purely about something make us considering deeper to the core of thing. The arrival of art isn't getting loose from the daily and development of life. Talking about development of life means talking about technology. And technology comes from our habitual activity. More complicated the needs of life encouraging human to make - to create - a new way to answer that needs and to solve the problem popping it out. The human's tendency of using something based on what they look. We know something beauty, we know something usual. That's the art. We can say something beauty because it's has something more than the other one. But it's subjective. Each person has different way to judge something. But, art is still arounding us and will around us forever. All the form of things are art. Mobilephone in our holding is art. The appearance of web is art. Taste of food is art. Variety of sounds are art. Facebook's logo is art. Our clothes are art. The cover of food-pack is art. The different shape of flashdisk is art. Our hair-style is art. All colour appearing in our eyes are art too. And even we are the product of art and also the whole world and its contents are the product of art - of course, including the all spesies of animal and plants. Human is the maker of art, But He (الله) is The Real Art-maker in our complex life. Think of it. What will happen with our world if one of the art - flower for example - lost? He is our Lord, The Almighty. إن شاء الله


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